Discover unique online merchants and find out why their patrons are so happy to shop with them.

Founded in 2020 by Dennis Field, HappyPatron is on a mission to curate unique online merchants and provide them with a platform to tell their story, grow, and engage with their most loyal patrons and enthusiasts. We also want to give those patrons the space to love them (and rate them) publicly. We want to help these online-shopping enthusiasts discover new brands, learn more about them holistically, and to encourage them to geek out on the brands they love.

With hundreds of online merchants to discover, HappyPatron has become a daily resource for shoppers to shop for the unknown and research a merchant before they buy—making online shopping transparent.

If you'd like to get in touch with us, with any questions, advertising opportunities, or press mentions, send us an email at or hit us up on twitter @shophappypatron.