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February 2019

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Fatma Collins, Julie Rogers


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2-5 employees


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Of all our shopping woes, shopping for shoes was the most frustrating. Not knowing which shoes would support healthy development and which sizes were right for their little feet, combined with how quickly our kids were growing, made it difficult to keep up. Talking to other parents, we quickly discovered we weren’t alone. Most parents were resorting to ordering multiple styles and sizes online just hoping one would fit. Often, parents still ended up with the wrong size.

The truth is, the problem is much bigger than most parents know. Even if you get the size right, the majority of kids’ shoes on the market are mini-me versions of adult shoes with raised heels, rigid soles, and narrow toe boxes. Poorly fitting shoes are bad for our children’s feet development and movement.

That is why we created a better shoe, made just for kids, and a new way of shopping for parents.

Mission, Values and Business Practices

Mission & Values

We started Ten Little with a simple belief: Parenting is hard, but shopping for your child shouldn’t be.

Business Practices

Sustainable Practices
Charitable Giving
Priority Shipping
Customer Security
15/30 Day Returns
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Cruelty Free

Written Reviews

December 31, 2020
A wonderful pair of shoes.

Simply a wonderful pair of shoes. I purchased two sets during the Holidays. One for my daughter and the other for my nephew. They both fit! They are so cute on them. I love how they can create their own unique style with them via the included stickers. Kids love stickers and individuality. It's the perfect blend. It will be a while before I can tell how long the shoes last, but if the quality holds up (it looks like they will), I'll likely be purchasing more.

Dennis F.
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