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Build the best fire pits in the world! That's the Breeo mission. To do that, Breeo has had to become passionate about the experience surrounding a campfire, and it all started in 2011 when they built the very first Smokeless Fire Pit. It exploded when they received Best-In-Show for their Ablaze fire pit at the HPBA Expo in March of 2014.

Even with all of its growth, Breeo's been committed to this vision. They've learned to stick to what they are best at. And that's making fire pits that burn more efficiently, that you can cook on safely, with the quality and durability that you can only expect from a product made in small batches in the USA.

Breeo knows that they can't rely on just the past.

They have to continue innovating and growing by designing new products. But they don't have to sacrifice themselves in the process. They know that beyond anything else, the end-user is more important than anyone else in the process. This is one of the company's core values. They're proud to stand behind their products' quality and have stayed committed to ensuring that they remain close to their passionate community of outdoor enthusiasts.

A man opening up a Breonnas Outpost in a yard.
Breeo Outpost, Buy it today.

The Breeo team builds every single fire pit in their shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The team does it all. They answer the phone, process orders, purchase materials, build the pits, ship them, and, most importantly, take pride in creating a durable quality product. In fact, so durable that when a customer accidentally hit one with their truck, it did more damage to the truck than the fire pit itself. Not entirely ironic given resilience has been built into the "steel" of the company as it's grown and adapted to customers' needs.

A welder creating a Breeo fire pit.
Each Breeo Smokeless Fire pit is built by hand.

Yes, quality is vital to the Breeo customer, but so is functionality and design aesthetics.

The latest line of firepits called the X Series proves this. It's designed using everything that the team has learned over the years, making award-winning smokeless fire pits and outdoor grilling solutions to accompany their pits. These innovations and attention to detail have quickly made the X-series the company's best seller—and they're just really getting started.

Food being cooked on a Breeo fire pit
The Breeo X Series, Buy it today.

This is just the beginning.

The Breeo team is excited to continue to enhance its line of stainless steel Smokeless fire pits. But they're even more excited to continue to stay connected to their customers and all of the families and individuals who are passionate about the outdoors, campfires, American manufacturing, and the experiences made around the campfire.

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