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Handcrafted timepieces that have character and a soul.

For some, history is a moment that comes and goes. It gets lost or locked away in a vault to be only talked about as a moment in time. Steve Christensen, who is the founder of NOVO Watch, feels it's different. He believes that history has a story and a unique soul that should not be just captured but reintroduced to people. This is why Steve built NOVO Watch. Steve is not only the founder but more interesting; he's a hand-crafter of timepieces.

The Coalbanks Watch on table
The Coalbanks - Barrow 1885 SS Edition, Shop today!

Steve doesn't just see it as designing timepieces. He's resurrecting history as he calls it.

He's ensuring that humans stay connected to the relationship in which we used to do things. Each timepiece is meant to be unique because it's designed and crafted out of materials found in history. For example, his best selling timepiece of all time is: "The Coalbanks - Barrow 1885 SS Edition." This timepiece's dial is crafted from a piece of the 135-year-old train track that was used to build the city Steve calls home—Alberta, Canada. It's a timepiece that's simply stunning.

The journey to make historical timepieces from physical pieces of history wasn't the original plan for Steve and NOVO Watch. He simply set out to design and craft watches focused on value and didn't cut corners in the process. The journey led him to create pieces that can't be mass manufactured and leans into people's desires to own something unique that connects them to something larger than themselves. Each timepiece is truly unique to itself.

History lays the foundation for the future.

As NOVO Watch has grown, so has  Steve. He's learned a lot about himself and how personal passion can be contagious. It's this passion that led NOVO Watch to become the lead watchmaker for North America's largest railway company—Canadian Pacific. It's this same passion that has made this journey that started in 2011 so incredibly motivating.

Although it all started with the timepiece, Steve has been hard at work crafting other ways to connect people to history. His latest way to do this is with his new pen line. Like a NOVO Watch timepiece, a NOVO pen is built with historical materials.

Novo pen, watch and a notebook on table.
NOVO Pen 01, Shop today!

Care is the bedrock to NOVO Watch.

Steve knows that the care he puts into each unique pen or timepiece must be felt by each customer who decides to own and carry a piece of history with them. The designs and creation of the products and the customer service keep his customers connected to his mission and brand. He knows that and feels it. To him, it's the NOVO Watch way.

A novo watch being built
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The Coalbanks: Barrow 1885 SS Edition Watch

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