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What would the world look like if it was filtered in rich, warm colors? The same filters that photographers Marty, Tom, and Kris would apply to their photos while photographing the Scottish Highlands. Finding the answer to that single question is what jump-started the lens experience company Tens in 2014 with a single crowdfunding campaign.

photographers shooting photos in parking lot.

Tens is an lens experience company.

Each sunglass collection is designed to create a visual experience that immerses those who wear them in a unique filtered world. It's the same world that a photographer sees when looking through their camera. Ten's sunglasses are crafted in Stonehaven, Scotland, by Danielle Rattray for comfort and exclusive materials from Italy and France. Lens sunglasses are durable and aren't a novelty. They actually block 100% of harmful UV rays.

When Tens launched in 2014, they had one product. That product is now called "Original" because, in 2020, the company released three new products. The "Boulevard," "Spectachrome," and "Tropical High." It's worth noting that Ten's buying experience is as unique as the product they offer. When you shop for a pair of Ten's sunglasses, you get to choose the lens filter and the style frame that will best suit your sense of fashion, along with the way you want to experience the world. Below's a summary of each lens:

The Original:

This is the lens that started it all. While ordinary sunglasses block out the light with cold and lifeless shade, the "Original" faltered lens transforms your view in a tint with rich, warm tones that places an Insta filter on real life.

Women wearing Ten's original sunglasses
The "Original", Buy it today!


The "Boulevard" lens is a subtle and pleasing immersion of magenta and violet-blue hues. It draws its inspiration from late-night drives and early morning sunrises in LA.

A boy and girl  wearing Ten's Boulevard sunglasses standing by a car.
The "Boulevard", buy it today!


This new lens turns the way your world looks into a color palette suitable for a Wes Anderson film. "Spectacrhome" combines rich emerald greens with accentuated citron tone.

Women wearing Ten's Sepctrachrome  sunglasses
The "Spectachrome", buy it today!

Tropic High:

"Tropic High" feels like nostalgia. It has rich golden tones and allows you to escape to a poolside paradise no matter your location.

A man wearing Ten's original sunglasses
"Tropic High", buy it today!

Since launching, Tens has sold thousands of lenses across the globe and doesn't plan to slow down. They're passionate about making the world around you look ten times better, protect your eyes, and doing all of that while delivering on a stylish and high-quality product promise.

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