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Zero waste kids fashion. A win for families and an even bigger win for the planet.

Did you know that every time a piece of clothing is used for 9 months, it decreases its environmental footprint by 25%? That stat, an education in Environmental Studies, a deep focus on the circular economy, and a desire to spend more time with her kids is what propelled Jad Robitaille into creating Mini-Cycle.

Jad Robitaille, Founder and Owner of Mini-Cycle holding a baby.
Jad Robitaille, Founder and Owner of Mini-Cycle.


Mini-Cycle is on a mission to end fast fashion and its negative impact on society and the environment by creating a closed-loop (a mini-cycle) for kids' fashion. Mini-Cycle offers high quality, durable new and preloved clothes for kids 0 to 10 years old and guarantees to buy back everything once they outgrow their clothes.

Mini-Cycle's happiest patrons love Mini-Cycle because it's a win for not just the planet, but for them.

Often-times, clothes purchased through a large department store aren't durable enough to withstand the rough and tumble life a kid puts them through. Buttons break, holes form, and fabric weakens. Even if you find a durable product, kids outgrow their clothes faster than you can get them home. This leaves parents in a constant loop of purchasing clothes, adding strain on families' financial budgets

Clothes wrapped in a bag for shipping
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Mini-Cycle has developed three programs designed to help solve these challenges.

Their Pre-Cycle program is where you can buy high-quality apparel brand new. The Mid-Cycle program provides you with an opportunity for Mini-Cycle to buy back the apparel purchased from them at a fair market price. Lastly, their Re-Cycle program is where you can buy gently used items.

These programs ensure that each product sold through Mini-Cycle from day one has been used until it's completely worn out. Then Mini-Cycle recycles these worn items in a meaningful way.

A child's jumper hanging on the wall.

The journey that Mini-Cycle is on has just begun.

It has less to do with fashion but more to do with ensuring that Mini-Cycle is always realigning and creating a brand that positively impacts society and the planet. A planet in which we only get one of.

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